No, not everything happens for a reason.

Still wrestling with God’s Will. 

 Your response to the sermon series on God’s will has greatly encouraged my heart in the value of old fashioned Christian study and dialogue.

Have we arrived at satisfying answers to our difficult questions?  Not really.  But together we are clarifying the questions and making greater sense of what we can believe about a loving God working through a broken world.

One of those wrestling questions involved a freak accident that killed two children when a snowplow hit black ice and slid into a school bus.  The state police report said that neither driver was the blame.  Both the school bus and the snowplow were in “the wrong place and the wrong time.”

In the classic book, When Bad Thing happen to Good People, author Harold Kushner suggests that sometimes bad things happen for no good reason because of random chaos.  Random chaos is a theory that supports “in the wrong placed at the wrong time.”