How can we as United Methodists move forward and continue to live faithfully?



A small group study is being offered to learn how questions pertaining to human sexuality and LGBTQ are impacting our denomination.  The study includes four classes on Sunday mornings at 11 a.m. held in January and February with Rev. Terilynn Russ guiding the discussions.  All positions dealing with this complicated denominational issue will be covered.


To assist in the study is the book Living Faithfully: Human Sexuality and The United Methodist Church.  Each book costs $8.70 and a donation to the adult education is appreciated.

Due to scheduling conflicts, the classes will be held as follows:

January 14 – Chapter 2: Is Same-gender Marriage Compatible with

Christian Teaching?

January 21 – Chapter 3: Is Ordaining Practicing Homosexuals Compatible

with Christian Teaching?

February 11 – Chapter 4: Where Are We Now?


Individuals with all views – traditionalists, centrists, and progressives – are welcomed and encouraged to take part in the discussions.  We may not always agree but we can always choose to love one another.


To secure a book and to answer questions, talk with Rev. Russ.

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